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What is the
"Burkholder Advantage"?

When you buy a trailer from Burkholder Trailers, we want you to get the best value for your money. Our advantage program is simply the way we make that happen.

After years of being a trailer manufacturer, we recognize that not every trailer is created equal—and that not every dealer performs the same level of service. With those things in mind, we established our own standards for excellence. And we pass that excellence on to you.

The Burkholder Advantage ICON

Our Minimum-Build Requirements

We do the homework for you! Every trailer we carry must meet our standards for durability and functionality. Here are some of the key things we consider:

  • Is it built tough enough to last?
  • Does it function well for its intended purpose?
  • Does it give good value for the cost?

  • We carry various brands, each having its own strengths. Tell us what your needs are, and we will help you sift the pros and cons to find what will work best for you.

    Our Quality Control Process

    Our experienced team has decades of trailer manufacturing knowledge. Our proven steps and systems deliver outstanding product quality.

    Before Purchase

    Every trailer that arrives at one of our lots gets pulled into the shop for a thorough inspection. Following are a few of the things we check:

    ✔ Inspect the trailer for missing welds and hardware.
    ✔ Make sure the brakes and the lights are in working condition.
    ✔ Check the tires and torque the lug nuts.
    ✔ Examine the paint application (on visible surfaces and underneath)
    ✔ Make sure all doors and latches function smoothly.
    ✔ Take a test run. (For our larger trailers.)

    At purchase.

    After purchase.

    Before you leave our lot, we will make sure you have all the necessary accessories to put your new trailer right to work. Checking that your hitch meets weight requirements and that the brakes and lights are working correctly are all part of the package. We will help you hitch up, and do a final walk-around inspection to make sure everything is working properly.

    After purchase.

    Sometimes things happen, in spite of our best precautions. If you have any issues after purchase, we want to know! We offer full service at each of our three locations. We also take care of all warranty work—from communicating with the manufacturer to submitting your claims to doing the repair work.

    Are you looking for quality products and knowledgeable service for the long haul? Call Burkholder Trailers today!