Trailer Type: Gooseneck Trailers

A Gooseneck trailer is ideal for heavy loads and those serious about hauling. Because the hitch’s weight is centered over your pickup’s back axle, you can tow more weight than if you had a bumper hitch. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of these heavy-duty trailers is their sheer strength due to the size of the beams used in constructing the main trailer frame.

A Gooseneck trailer tends to be a lot more stable than a bumper hitch trailer. Therefore, it can be a safer option on the road, but keep in mind that these trailers require a higher level of experience to operate since a gooseneck trailer doesn’t track behind the towing vehicle in the same way as a tag-along trailer.

The trailers on this page come standard with the gooseneck hitch or are available with a gooseneck hitch with an adjustable coupler or kingpin hitch as an upgrade. We can also help you purchase a fully custom-made gooseneck trailer if your requirements go beyond our stock models’ features. Whether you need a gooseneck trailer for agricultural use, use in construction, or industrial use, at Burkholder Manufacturing, we can help you order the right trailer for you!