Trailer Type: Snowmobile (Sled) Trailers

Got cabin fever? Load up your snowmobile on a snow trailer and find the perfect spot in the countryside for snowmobiling. With a flatbed sled trailer like our aluminum XT11-101 with marine-grade plywood decking, you will have plenty of room to haul up to two snowmobiles. Want to get your snowmobile out of the weather when traveling, or need to pack extra accessories and gear? Try either the Explorer Snow / ATV trailer from Legend or the Predator trailer from Stealth. Looking for an enclosed trailer but in a more compact size? Then maybe the Sport Lite trailer from Legend is a better option for you. With a new snow trailer from Burkholder Manufacturing, there is no reason to stay home when there’s snow. Load up your snowmobile in your new trailer from Burkholder Manufacturing, and hit the road to find your next snow-covered adventure!