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Tilt Trailers

A tilt trailer has a hinged deck that allows the whole deck to be turned into a ramp for easy loading and unloading. We carry single-axle and tandem-axle tilt-deck trailers. A single axle is made for lighter loads, while a tandem axle can support heavier loads because the weight of the load can be spread out.

Tilt Trailers For Sale In PA

Most tilt-deck trailers have a hydraulic cushion cylinder to prevent sudden tilting. Normally, the entire deck tilts; however, on split-deck trailers, the front of the deck is stationary while the back is hinged.

These trailers are ideal for carrying tractors, vehicles, skid steers, and other small/medium machines. If you are looking to purchase a tilt-deck trailer, one of our tilt-trailer specialists will be happy to assist you. Just reach out to us using the contact form or phone!