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Enclosed Trailers

We sell enclosed cargo trailers in just about any size from 5’ wide up to 8.5’ wide, available in standard lengths. Custom lengths can be ordered to your exact specifications! All enclosed trailers are built by reputable manufacturers using only high-quality components.

Enclosed Trailers For Sale In PA

We offer various enclosed styles, including V-Nose, round fronts, or sloped fronts. Lightweight trailers come with a single axle, but tandem axles are also available for heavy-duty requirements.

Whether you are a contractor, builder, food vendor, or need to transport your team’s sports equipment, a quality enclosed trailer may be the perfect choice for you!

Whether you prefer an enclosed aluminum trailer or a steel one, you can find what you need here. Have a unique use case? Special order a custom trailer from Burkholder Manufacturing and choose from more than a hundred options!