Trailer Type: Motorcycle Trailers

Are you looking for a trailer to transport your motorcycle? Sometimes you need to take both your bike and your truck on a trip, and you need a quality trailer to load your bike on where it can ride safely and securely. The type of motorcycle trailer you choose will depend on what kind of motorcycle you own and how much you need to protect it. You may find that an open trailer such as the HR358 or HR6210 would work well for short day trips to a motocross track. However, if you own a large road bike, consider protecting it from the elements during transport with one of our enclosed trailers. An added benefit of getting an enclosed trailer is that you can also install storage space for your motorcycle accessories and keep them secure!

Whether you own a Harley Davidson, Yamaha, or Honda motorcycle, Burkholder Manufacturing has the motorcycle trailer that will fit your bike and your budget! Browse our selection of motorcycle trailers above, and click on the trailers that interest you, and request your free quote from one of our motorcycle trailer specialists now!