Zip Breakaway

Have you ever forgotten to hook up a break-away cable, or realized after arriving somewhere it has been dragging the whole way? The ZIP breakaway cable is the perfect solution to all your cable woes. Manufactured by Fastway Trailer Products, this bungee, spring-loaded cable is always the right length, preventing a too-long cable from completely… Read more »

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes can be good or bad, but the quality of the brake controller has a profound influence either way. My first exposure to electric brakes was in the early ‘90s. The brakes on our ‘70s camper were more of a suggestion than a reality! Our brake controller was an old, time-activated relic. When it… Read more »


New Spectrum Brake Controller

CURT, the leading manufacturer of USA-made hitches and a complete line of towing products, is changing the game for brake controls with its revolutionary new Spectrum™ brake control. With its unique design and powerful interface, the Spectrum™ is not simply an accessory for the vehicle, but truly becomes an integral part of it. Unlike any… Read more »

Paint or Powder Coating?

Paint or powder? Which is better? Some people feel as strongly about this as they do about their favorite tractor or brand of equipment! What it boils down to is this: does it stick? How well does it prevent rust? Done correctly, either process will offer quality protection. But steel can still rust away underneath… Read more »

Trailer Wiring Problems?

Confused and frustrated about trailer wiring? You are not alone! Choose a trailer manufacturer that takes pride in better wiring. Our manufacturers of Equipment, Utility and Dump trailers and open Car trailers are using a pre-molded modular wiring harness prone to fewer problems and less corrosion. Despite all these precautions, wiring issues still happen! Reduce… Read more »

Torsion Axle

What is a torsion axle?

Does your trailer need more suspension than a leaf spring axle can provide? Does your precious cargo need protection from road shock? Then Rubber Torsion Suspension axles are for you. These axles will provide a quieter, smoother ride, and improve suspension over the leaf spring axle. But what is a torsion axle? What is a… Read more »

What Makes Stealth Enclosed Trailers Better?

As a trailer manufacturer, Burkholder Trailers chooses trailer brands that stand apart from the competition with higher standards and better designs. There are several main details we look for when choosing trailer brands. Our goal is to provide a reliable trailer that looks good. While it is easy for the heavy-duty trim outside to emit… Read more »