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Zip Breakaway

Have you ever forgotten to hook up a break-away cable, or realized after arriving somewhere it has been dragging the whole way? The ZIP breakaway cable is the perfect solution to all your cable woes.

Manufactured by Fastway Trailer Products, this bungee, spring-loaded cable is always the right length, preventing a too-long cable from completely wearing through or dragging on the ground. With the Zip Breakaway Cable, the cable will retract. No more knotting your cable or winding it through safety chains. It is coated in a red plastic coating, leaving it more durable and visible than a basic cable. The red color will catch your attention easily, reminding you to hook it up. A tough coating on the cable protects it from damage. This simple cable can make a big difference! Many customers request this cable when their trailers come in for repairs.



A worn, rusted or frayed cable can tear, resulting in the breakaway pin not being pulled. At Burkholder Trailers, the breakaway is high on our list of critical components, and will be quickly replaced if compromised. Power through your next DOT inspection, knowing your cable is in great condition.

The Zip Breakaway cable comes in 4’ or 6’ lengths. Buy the switch with the cable already attached, or purchase a replacement cable for your existing pin. Find any of the Zip cables in stock at any of our 3 convenient locations: Burkholder Trailers in New Holland, PA or Honey Brook, PA, or Lebanon Valley Trailers in Myerstown, PA.

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