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Enclosed Trailer FAQ'S

A well-maintained enclosed trailer may last from 10 to more than 20 years. Some trailers have been useful for over 30 years.

Start by purchasing a trailer from a brand known for high-quality construction. To maximize the life of your enclosed trailer, perform regular maintenance and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for load and trailer use.

Yes. Pennsylvania and most surrounding states require trailers to be licensed.

Many believe the V-nose reduces air resistance and increases fuel mileage. In fact, most air resistance results from the flat back of both V-Nose and Flat Nose trailers. The V-nose trailer has slightly better fuel mileage and is easier to handle, while the Flat Nose trailer has more interior space. Choose the model you like better.

Cost and performance are the primary considerations when choosing between steel and aluminum for an enclosed travel.

Steel trailers generally cost less than aluminum trailers. While steel trailers weigh more than aluminum trailers, the exact weight difference depends on the brand and design of the trailer. Any increased weight can affect fuel efficiency and towing requirements.

Aluminum is generally favored for its corrosion resistance but still requires regular maintenance and inspection for cracking. Steel is more resistant to cracking, and with modern paint innovations, it can achieve durability similar to aluminum’s.

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Choosing the right trailer can be intimidating. Let’s open the doors of an enclosed trailer and explore the most important information you need for a good discussion.