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Trailer Wiring Problems?

Confused and frustrated about trailer wiring? You are not alone! Choose a trailer manufacturer that takes pride in better wiring. Our manufacturers of Equipment, Utility and Dump trailers and open Car trailers are using a pre-molded modular wiring harness prone to fewer problems and less corrosion. Despite all these precautions, wiring issues still happen!

Reduce Electrical Problems

We prefer to use heat shrink connectors if your wiring gets damaged or torn, especially where there are connections exposed to the elements. (Wire nuts just don’t cut it! They may work in a pinch, but are a less than desirable solution!) Having sealed or grease filled connectors is a huge step in the right direction. Preventing moisture and dirt from getting into your electrical connections is a key to eliminating wiring or light problems.

Blown Fuses

Another issue we often run into is blown fuses. Many vehicles have the trailer lights fused separately from the vehicle lights. Trailer wiring can be fluky! If all of your marker lights mysteriously quit working, the plug may have a loose connection. Look in the vehicle fuse box to see if the fuse for the trailer marker lights is blown. (This can also apply to trailer turn signal and brake lights.) These are easy for anyone to check and may save you a trip to the repair shop!

Wiring Problems

Keep in mind that if a fuse blew, it may point to a problem in your wiring. It may have blown because of a pinched or bare wire. Make sure you keep several extra fuses with you since it could fail again before it is repaired. If the trailer plug is making a poor connection, this could also draw too much juice, blowing the fuse.

LED lights

LED lights have revolutionized the trailer industry! All our manufacturers have been using LED lights as a standard for many years. This allows for smaller and better protected lights, leaving smaller targets to hit and destroy.

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